TGM supply circular saw blades made of high speed steel (HSS) which are manufactured with high precision and consistently tight tolerances in width, side runout, diameter, and concentricity. Each blades is sophisticated coated for wear protection during cutting at high speed. In order to give customer assurance of each TGM circular saw blade, each blade will be marked with the world famous blade supplier logo together with TGM logo to ensure high quality.

Special surface coating and carbide tipped saw blades for high speed cutting and hardness materials as well as saw blades with non-standard diameter, thickness, bore, pinholes, tooth picth and form are available on requested.

Steel Grade: DMo5/EMo5Co5
Hardness: 620-3500 HV
Diameter: 50-500 mm
Kerf: 0.3-4.5 mm
Application: ferous & non ferous alloy


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